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AB Technology Group popular

AB Technology Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of high temperature protection materials and systems for steelmaking. We can custom engineer and fabricate a solution for your problems with quick response time. Our protection covers and sleeves for induction furnace cabling extends the life of critical cables and hoses. We also supply Silco Sleeve, Silco Tape, Silco Fabric and Tetraglass products that withstand molten metal splash, slag and extreme heat up to 3000F. Please visit our web site for further information and details. We offer 24 hour customer service and emergency service.

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ABP Induction

In 1903, our predecessors at ASEA built the first induction furnace for foundry operations. ABP continues the traditions and visions of its founders ASEA, BBC, and ABB by providing superior induction technology with proven experience in steel melting and heating processes.

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Ajax Tocco Magnethermic popular

Induction heating and melting equipment.

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Allied Mineral Products, Inc.


Refractories for iron, steel, copper and aluminum industries.

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Amelt Corporation

At Amelt Corporation; A- We design and manufacture Medium Frequency Induction Melting, Holding, Heating, Forging and Hardening Furnaces from 100HZ to 240KHZ with capacities from 500grs. to 25000kg and also with power from 3KW to 4000 KW . B- We accept to refurbish all type and brand Induction Melting and Holding Furnaces such as Inductotherm Ajax , Pillar ,ABB, Junker , I.H.S and so on with any capacity in our facility in Toronto Canada in the shortest time and we guarantee the furnaces which we have refurbished up to 2 years if requested. In addition , our services provide the turn key project such as supper vision, commissioning , training and starting the all USED and BRAND NEW Induction Furnaces in around the world and our technical support staffs are ready to response our valued customer at any time .

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Casey Equipment Corp.

Buy, sell and rebuild second-hand steel mill equipment worldwide. Specializing in hot and cold rolling mills for producing flat and long products; large overhead traveling cranes, continuous casters, process lines, shear andcut-to-length lines, large DC mill motors and equipment take-out and removals.

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Consarc Corp.


Designs and manufactures furnace systems for a variety of metallurgical processes, including: vacuum arc remelting, vacuum induction melting, electroslag refining, electroslag hot-topping, electron beam melting, plasma melting, induction skull melting and vacuum controlled atmosphere heat treating furnace systems.

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EMPCO (Canada) Ltd.

Complete custom Engineering Design (FEM) and in-house Manufacturing of Electric Arc Furnaces / Ladle Furnaces including Transfer cars, Proprietary weighing systems for ladle turrets, Ladles, Tundishes, Duct systems and Patented water-cooled panels. Please visit our Website!

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Federal Mogul DEVA GmbH

FEDERAL MOGUL DEVA GmbH manufactures self-lubricated: liners, plates, guides, spherical bearings, thrust washers, slide bearings, and bushings. We have focused on the Steel Industry for over 40 years. FEDERAL MOGUL DEVA is a full service supplier and can assist you with material selection, design, assembly, and service life. We have a diverse product range and can offer a custom self lubricating solution based on your application requirements.

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Induction channel furnaces for brass

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Indotherm Furnaces

Indotherm Furnace, based in Kolkata, India is a manufacturer of Induction Furnaces , Steel and Non Ferrous melting. We also manufacture various kinds of Control Panels.

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induction Melting furnace Spare parts

We at Induction Furnace Components are the FIEO Registered member involves into Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of induction melting furnace spare parts like Induction Furnace Assembly Part, Name Brand Replacement SCR & Diode for Inductotherm Furnace, Name Brand Replacement Equivalent SCR & Diode for AJAX TOCCO FURNACES, Melting Coil With Accessories, Refractory Castable Top Bottom Blocks (For any Capacity Furnace), HFT, CLR, DI/DT and Magnetic Yokes, Electronic Modules & Repairing, Discrete Part for Snubber Assembly and many more.

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Induction Melting Repairs Ltd.

Specialists in the supply and repair of all makes of induction furnaces and equipment. Including: spare furnace coils, laminations, bus bars, water cooled power cables, insulations, pre-cast refractory top and bottom blocks. Second hand / used equipment. Advice and onsite service and repair 24hours a day year round committment. We are here to serve you.

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Inductotherm Corp.


Manufactures a complete line of induction furnaces including coreless and channel type furnaces, galvanizing pots and reheating furnaces with power supplies ranging from 15 kw to 42,000 kw and capacities up to 500 tons. Alsoincluded are computer control systems, scrap metal preheating and drying equipment and charge handling conveyors and feeders.

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Insulcon B.V.

The Insulcon Group supplies a complete range of high temperature resistant materials such as ceramic fibres, body soluble fibres, Insulmicanite Mica products, insulatinf fire bricks, high temperature resistant packings (up to 1260°C), etc

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Mahima Induction Technologies Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces, Induction Heating and Hardening Equipment. Specialised with replacement parts for the Induction Furnaces.

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mfg. & exporter of all types of mica, micanite, mica folium, mica washer, mica tube,coil insulation for induction furnace and electric arc furnace, non-asbestos, temp upto 1950 degree centigrade. our e-mail & fax 91 33 2295216

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Nu-Core, Inc

Nu-Core manufactures a wide range of water-cooled and air-cooled power transfer systems for induction furnaces. We can meet and exceed your OEM specs, or design a new cable for you from scratch. We use only the best materials, and our large inventory of copper rope, industry-standard terminals, and our large selection of cable coverings allows us to meet even your toughest deadlines. Call or e-mail us today for a quote. (231) 547-2600

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RDO Induction

Induction heating specialists offering soldering, brazing, heating equipment and induction systems.

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Trench Ltd.


Manufacturers of air core reactors for all applications including: Series reactors to improve arc furnace performance (reduced electrode consumption and energy costs), fault current limiting reactors, harmonic filter reactors, motor starting reactors, neutral grounding reactors, static VAR compensating reactors, shunt reactors.

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West Homestead Engr. & Machine Co.


Miscellaneous and custom machining. 100-in. lathes, 20-ft vertical and horizontal bore mills, 17-ft planer mills, various milling machines, gear cutting, 12-ft draw cut shapers, 60-in. slotter. Carbon and alloy castings from5000 to 150,000 lbs. ship weight. Domestic and international sales. Fitting and erection: fabricating and repair welding, replacement parts for heavy industry—new and repair, fitting and erecting. Infield fabricating, repairwelding, machining and erecting services. Domestic and international. Cranes up to 250-tons lifting capacity, maximum clearance below hook - 100 ft. ava

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Whiting Corp.


Electric overhead traveling cranes from 5 - 600-ton capacities, Whiting Hydro-Arc electric arc furnaces, channel induction furnaces, ladles, ladle gearing, ingot pouring cars, transfer cars, AOD vessels, hydraulic pouring stands charging buckets.

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Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd

China Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of kinds of metallurgy equipments: Electric Arc Furnace( EAF) , Scrap Continuous Preheating Equipment, Submerged Arc Furnace ( SAF), Ladle Refining Furnace (LF, LRF), Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), AOD, VOD /VD furnace and etc for steel industry and Ferro alloy Industry. There are hundreds of our equipments installed and running in more than 30 countries all over the world, such as South Africa, Zambia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Mexico and etc…. We have 16 years rich manufacture experiences and own various technique advantages in metallurgy industry. Based on Chinese low cost of raw materials and cheap labor, we are providing equipments in high quality and with competitive prices.

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Yancheng Hengsheng Insulation Co.,LTD

Firesleeve,fire tape,fire blanket for induction furnace cabling extends the life of critical cables and hoses,that withstand molten metal splash, slag etc. which also use for industry aerospace mining automotive oil and gas a hydraulic hose electric wire cable pipe tube heat protection.

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Yuhchang Electric Co., Ltd.

YUHCHANG, established in 1967 and acquired "ISO 9001" in Dec. 2001, has been the top one capacitor manufacturer in Taiwan. Products are exported throughout the world, and we have earned a great reputation from customers worldwide. [Main Products]: Power Capacitors, Dry-type Power Capacitors,Capacitors for various induction and arc furnaces, Capacitors for Electrical Apparatus, Automatic Power Factor Regulator and Regulation Panel, Series Reactors.

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